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Vancouver Resources for Sexual Abuse Victims


Sexual Violence Support Centre:


Battered Women’s Support Services: 1-855-687-1868

604-331-1407 ext 107

Male Survivors: 604-682-6482

Online Embodiment Practices:


Healing Body Trauma I was inspired to share this information after releasing "My Body is a Stranger" which is about my experience with body trauma from injuries, sexual abuse, and negative thought patterns that kept me stuck in these experiences. I noticed I was feeling disconnected my body. I felt unsafe in my skin. I would numb and distract myself at first but it always came back. Trauma ran my life. I was living in the past. I started daily self care rituals to help me feel centred in the present. Yoga, meditation, breath work, journaling, walking, massage & affirmations. These practices have been so helpful to reconnect with my body and rekindle a feeling of safety and joy. Counselling has also been a wonderful tool for me on this healing journey. I hope these resources are helpful to you and wish you gentle kindness and safety on your own journeys.

All the love,


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